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Put lymphoedema on the list campaign

Thursday 01, Mar 2018

Currently lymphoedema therapy does not have a Medicare (MBS) number.  When a chronic condition has no MBS number, it becomes invisible.

To support the ALA's submission for lymphoedema therapy to be allocated its own MBS (Medicare) number.  ALA members and the broader lymphoedema community within Australia are being asked to join the letter writing campaign to Put lymphoedema on the list and write a letter to their local federal members.

There are benefits to having an MBS number for lymphoedema therapy including:

  • It will make complex lymphoedema therapy (CLT) accessible to a greater proportion of people living with lymphoedema.
  • It will help to improve awareness of lymphoedema, resulting in improved accuracy and timeliness of diagnoses.
  • When lymphoedema acquires an MBS number, governments, the health sector and researchers will better understand the true cost of living with lymphoedema.
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