Become an ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner

The Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner Program (ALPP) is a robust regulatory scheme that ensures participants - Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioners - meet stringent criteria which support their dedication, professionalism and expertise.

Applicants are advised that further changes to the ALPP are planned for 2020 - please refer to the dedicated web page for more information.

Entry criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence in lymphoedema management, research and education through ongoing Full membership of the ALA - new applicants can apply for Full membership simultaneously
  • Undergraduate and/or post-graduate qualification in a relevant health profession - the ALA Constitution deems eligible professions as: medical practitioners, nurses (Division 1), occupational therapists, physiotherapists and remedial massage therapists
  • Registration with the relevant authority if/as appropriate
  • Successful completion of accredited lymphoedema training - click here for information
  • Maintain relevant skills and knowledge through participation in lymphoedema-specific continuing professional development
  • Current professional indemnity insurance
  • Demonstrable recent practice in lymphoedema managemnet
  • Compliance with the NLPR Guidelines and related policies including the ALPP's Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice.

To access the policies of the Program, click here.


As well as the substantial benefits available to members of the ALA, Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioners receive:

  • Recognition of your dedication, professionalism and expertise in lymphoedema management
  • Assurance to your employers, consumers, referrers and the broader community
  • A certificate and window decal to display in your workplace
  • Exclusive use of the ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner branding on your marketing collateral 
  • Exclusive eligibility to be listed on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register, the only recognised register of lymphoedema practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Advancing the profile of lymphoedema and thereby supports improving treatment outcomes and funding
  • Promoting professional standards and best practice for lymphoedema management
  • Access to the online MyALACPD tracker to enable you to track your participation in CPD activities
  • Collaboration with like-minded practitioners and inclusion in practitioner networks.

Ready to apply?

Review the following checklist to ensure your eligibility:

  • Completion of a recognised qualification in one of the eligible health professions - medical practitioner, nurse (Division 1), occupational therapist, physiotherapist, remedial massage therapist - evidence required on application, refer Clause 5 of the NLPR Guidelines
  • Completion of a lymphoedema training accredited by the ALA - evidence required on application, refer Lymphoedema Training Policy and listing of accredited courses 
    • If completion of the ALA accredited lymphoedema training was more than two years prior to the application, demonstrate compliance with the ALPP Continuing Professional Development Policy - complete a CPD Activity Form along with evidence of completion of 40 eligible CPD points over past 2 years required, refer CPD Policy
  • Comply with the ALPP Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy - declaration required, refer Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy
  • Comply with the ALPP Recency of Practice Policy - declaration required, refer Recency of Practice Policy
  • Comply with the ALPP Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice - declaration required, refer Code
  • Company with the ALPP Mandatory Declarations Policy - declaration required, refer Mandatory Declarations Policy
  • Pay the relevant fee.


Apply now ...

Please allow 15 working days after fulfilment of all application requirements for review and approval.