WEBINAR: Paediatric Lymphoedema – let’s talk about the small things

Paediatric Lymphoedema – let’s talk about the small things - presented by Johanna Newsom
18 November 2020
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7.00pm AEDT
Online (via computer)
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Education Coordinator - Amanda Checken
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1300 935 332 (AUS) 0800 866 030 (NZ)
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The small things about paediatric lymphoedema – what makes these patients and their treatment distinct from “small adults”? What specialist knowledge and expertise are beneficial in treating this caseload? Which treatments are the same, which are modified, and which ones are totally different from those taught in adult lymphoedema?

Paediatric lymphoedema is rare, poorly diagnosed and poorly understood. Research and evidence into management for this condition is lacking, and yet there are increasing numbers of patients requiring diagnosis and prognosis, education, counselling, treatment, and long term management. This is a largely clinical presentation – anecdotes and learnings from experience working with these patients.

What will you learn? How to recognise paediatric lymphoedema, early management principles, and where to refer children for ongoing management. The presentation will also cover treatment techniques and how these are modified or used differently in this young population with regard to growth and development considerations. Topics around impact on quality of life, school and community participation, and growing up with this chronic condition will be discussed.


About the Presenter

Johanna has worked as a paediatric physiotherapist at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead since 2001, and has been involved with lymphoedema as the sole therapist since 2007. In the past 13 years, she has developed the service offered at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead - originally offering only standard outpatient appointments for limited treatment options, the service now offers a broader range of treatment options, and includes a monthly multidisciplinary clinic, parent education days, and patient and sibling support groups. Johanna has been involved with community support groups, transition committees to support movement into the adult health services, and publications, presentations and professional development programmes for other health professionals.



Time: 7.00pm AEDT (VIC, TAS, NSW, ACT) | 6.30pm AEDT (SA | 6.00pm AEDT (QLD) | 5.30pm AEDT (NT) | 4.00pm AEDT (WA) | 9.00pm AEDT (NZ)

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